spatialdata.models.points_dask_dataframe_to_geopandas(points, suppress_z_warning=False)#

Convert a Dask DataFrame to a GeoDataFrame.


points (DataFrame) – Dask DataFrame with columns “x” and “y”. Eventually, it can contain a column “z” that will be not included in the geometry column.

Return type:



: The GeoDataFrame with the geometry column constructed from the “x” and “y” columns and, if present, the rest of the columns.


The “z” column is not included in the geometry column because it is not supported by GeoPandas. The resulting GeoDataFrame does not currenlty passes the validation of the SpatialData models. In fact currently points need to be saved as a Dask DataFrame. We will be restructuring the models to allow for GeoDataFrames soon.